Ingeli Group was born out of the timber farming and processing businesses which was started in 1952. The group’s timber farming operations are owned and managed, in the Harding district. The timber ranges from varies species of eucalyptus, wattle and pine. BA Farming’s main market is eucalyptus which is supplied to Sappi Saicor as pulpwood and treated poles which are supplied to R & B Timber Group.


The Group is involved in an extensive livestock operation which is managed on Redcliffe farm in the Kamberg Valley, Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands. This Farming operation has changed its practices over the years to a holistic farming practice. The farm runs a commercial breeding herd of over 1000 livestock units and a weaner operation in conjunction.

Redcliffe Farm, which is home to the Kamberg mountain itself, has many antelope species ranging from Eland, Oribi, ray buck, Common and mountain reed buck, Blesbok and many other species. The group prides itself in conservation and supports numerous projects in the area. The Group is also in the exciting process phase of growing out an avocado project with the support of Westfalia fruit, a part of Hans Merensky Holdings group.